Political Initiative for a more powerful ECOSOC

We need a new political initiative for a more powerful ECOSOC (or another global regulating body) for a better world order in a peaceful, fair, just and sustainable world.

Quotation from VISION WORKS! From vision to action…
Wake-up calls for change
ISBN 978-3-9811650-2-9 – pages 246-247.

"Just as there was a devoted think tank officially charged by the USA, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and China in 1944 to develop the security structure of the United Nations in Dumbarton Oaks near Washington, D.C., USA, we today need a renewal of such a think tank in some neutral place in the world. This think tank should be composed of a mix of engaged people from various relevant sectors of life (like science, religions, business and social as well as environmental movements) from all areas of the world. Democratic political structures should not be excluded, but they should in no way dominate the initial conceptual work. Globally conscious politicians from a few respectable countries could initiate such a conference. As a starting point, the original concepts of what is today the relatively powerless Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - ECOSOC could be used for practical reasons to avoid to "rediscover the wheel". But to wait for renewal only or predominantly from inside the United Nations will most likely not make much sense.

We need a new integral vision of a peaceful, fair and just balanced world organization as a result of a new think tank. The conceptual result of a new think tank must then be widely made known and could be discussed in a fair and totally transparent open global consultation process. This process could be comparable to the new consultation process, which derived from the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. Elder statesmen and recognized ethical personalities could form a filtering body to eliminate utopian extremes and power games. Existing world rulers from democratic countries could chaperon the process to make it stronger and more visible without interfering in the design of the content."

Why promoting this vision of the formation of a new think tank while there are already many engaged civil society groups and governments trying to "healsolve" our global problems? 

Governments are essential for establishing, maintaining and enforcing a legal order. There is, however, a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and motivation in the civil world which could and should be put to use for an urgently needed search for a better balanced new world order to be established by the existing national and regional governing structures. A think tank, initiated, but not dominated by governments and enriched by highly motivated civil society activists would be a solution which takes into account the development of global consciousness in our twenty-first century. This development is enhanced by the qualified interacting and learning possibilities of our information society.

Why should the global civil society be legitimized to participate in global problem solving work?

Conscious that all is interconnected through the inner nucleus of all that exists through an all encompassing divine SPIRIT, we human beings have the freedom and face a challenge to co-create a balance which

  1. protects and preserves the grown and further developing base of all that exists, i.e. nature, which
  2. enables peaceful loving togetherness of people, capable to lead a life in dignity in social structures, defined by the "golden rule" and which
  3. allows all people to benefit from the fruits of research and creative productivity - according to their engagement and efforts - in a global open, fair, efficient, but ecologically sustainable and socially balanced market system.

Peter Hesse –1008
Peter-Hesse-Foundation SOLIDARITY IN PARTNERSHIP for ONE world in diversity.

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