Conscious that ALL is interconnected
through the inner nucleus of all that exists,

an all encompassing divine SPIRIT,
we human beings have the freedom and face
the challenge to co-create a balance which

protects and preserves the grown and naturally developing creation;

  2. enables peaceful loving community of people, living together in dignity,
    solidarity and in social structures defined by the "golden rule";
allows all people to benefit from the fruits of research and
    creative productivity in an open, fair and efficient way. The legal framework
    for such a balance should be a global Eco-social Market Economy

Preconditions ... further on 2 PDF-pages VALUES+VISION

German businessman
found his destiny by
discovering that all is
ONE in diversity.

German Journalist Irene Dänzer-Vanotti interviewing Peter Hesse:

Irene Dänzer-Vanotti interviewing Peter Hesse


New short videos

Here are new short videos with my core theses:

How do we want to live?

How do we want to live?

No visions – no results!

No visions – no results!

Development from below and inside

Development from below and inside

basic education + micro-credit

basic education + micro-credit


In HAITI, Carol Guy-James Barratt leads the „Fondation-Peter-Hesse“.

She reports in her Facebook chronicle
(Facebook login required).



Calling for change.

Calling for change


30-65-80-birthday celebration

On Friday, April 21, 2017, our 30-65-80-birthday celebration took place in Düsseldorf. More information here as PDF and on this page with a video impression of the event.


My wake-up process

A presentation on our consciousness-cruize to Alaska in 2016, in English,
in two sections of 15 minutes each, on my wake-up process here.


more videos

more news: