Conscious that ALL is interconnected
through the inner nucleus of all that exists,

an all encompassing divine SPIRIT,
we human beings have the freedom and face
the challenge to co-create a balance which

  1. protects and preserves the grown and naturally developing creation;
  2. enables peaceful loving community of people, living together in dignity,
    solidarity and in social structures defined by the "golden rule";
  3. allows all people to benefit from the fruits of research and
    creative productivity in an open, fair and efficient way. The legal framework
    for such a balance should be a global Eco-social Market Economy

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New – August 2023

Short summer-report – August 2023

Nature and our humanity face dramatic changes. – Global power-structures are becoming visibly unclear. Majorities suffer from egocentrism, from stoneage minds. Climate change affects all of us. We need to adjust to it. As individuals we are powerless – but we can develop survival-views, empathy, solidarity and LOVE in action.

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New – June 2023

including two short trip reports
to Israel and to Iceland.
Both were final trips together
with Isa, my wife, due to our
mutual health situations.

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New – November 2022

Essential global healing needs – an especially relevant dream ...

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German businessman
found his destiny by
discovering that all is
ONE in diversity.

German Journalist Irene Dänzer-Vanotti interviewing Peter Hesse:

Irene Dänzer-Vanotti interviewing Peter Hesse

Love and empathy as guiding subjects
from my new book: Klartext

In plain language: Disputable views of a global citizen.
Why life in Unity and in Diversity is important for our future.”

In basic life issues, love inspires human beings and empathy
all mankind. Those two beautiful and good emotions are closely interrelated, but are not totally identical.

Empathy is a basic emotion of the heart. It is all-encompassing and not focussed on a human or other living being. This can be said for love, too, i. e. for the higher, the spiritual love. This love also feels all-encompassing like empathy and may also “burn” like love between human partners. Some human beings may have been born with such empathy, have learned it from their parents or may have received it as a gift from another dimension.

I see roots of such empathy in conscious confrontations with disadvantaged human beings in our world. I believe that whoever sees suffering people, inevitably develops emotions which then crystallize to such empathy.
“Love in action” and solidarity will grow from such experiences.
In the process of deepening and enlarging consciousness, empathetic experiences will become durable.

They will develop to be a spiritual gift for all involved persons.


New short videos

Here are new short videos with my core theses:

How do we want to live?

How do we want to live?

No visions – no results!

No visions – no results!

Development from below and inside

Development from below and inside

basic education + micro-credit

basic education + micro-credit


In HAITI, Carol Guy-James Barratt leads the „Fondation-Peter-Hesse“.

She reports in her Facebook chronicle
(Facebook login required).



Calling for change.

Calling for change


30-65-80-birthday celebration

On Friday, April 21, 2017, our 30-65-80-birthday celebration took place in Düsseldorf. More information here as PDF and on this page with a video impression of the event.


My wake-up process

A presentation on our consciousness-cruize to Alaska in 2016, in English,
in two sections of 15 minutes each, on my wake-up process here.


more videos

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